Debut Album: The Pastures of Ultraam - AVAILABLE VIA BANDCAMP NOW!!!

In late January of 2015, Ultraam set up camp at The IsOkOn (D. James Goodwin's studio in Woodstock, NY) for two days of tracking. More than six hours of improvised material was captured that weekend. Over the next several weeks, the source material was cut up, reduced and mixed down by committee and archived for release at a later date. Starting in March of 2017, this material is being released via bandcamp as four EP's and the band's debut long-player “The Pastures of Ultraam” (to be released April 04, 2017).




If necessity is the mother of invention, then spontaneity and unpredictability are without a doubt, the foster parents of Ultraam. Rewind to early 2014, somewhere in the recesses of an old brick warehouse in Kingston, NY. Three long-time friends and co-conspirators convene to shake off the icy clutches of winter and explore sonic possibilities. Sean “Grasshopper” Mackowiak (bass), Chris Turco (drums) and Matthew Cullen (guitar) plug in and drop out for the first time - Ultraam is born. This is not the silent birth of an infant scientologist, but a raucous and visceral affair. Amps crackle and pulse, cymbals crush, tinnitus ensues. Over the coming months, the band improvises at high volume for a captive audience at various venues in and around the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn, picking up new members along the way. Local legend, midnight mayor and hair stylist to the stars, Mark Ferraro trades his No. 3 clippers for a pocket trumpet and joins the fray first. Soon after, Eli Walker arrives on the scene and takes over on bass, allowing Mackowiak to return to his natural six-stringed tendencies. The addition of D. James Goodwin (initially on drums and later on keys) rounds out the ensemble's number to six. The seventh (and final?) member to join is Jeff Mercel, providing rhythmic reinforcements as a second drummer.

Solid & Dotted Lines:

Ultraam's members have have featured and performed as principal and touring members of: Mercury Rev, Snowflake, Chron Turbine, Luna, Sparklehorse, Trans Am, Pauline Oliveros and many more. D. James Goodwin, Matthew Cullen and Eli Walker are also accomplished engineers, producers & mixers with production credits on albums from: Kaki King, Devo, David Torn, Sean Lennon, The GOASTT, Bette LaVette, Norah Jones, Willy Mason, Tim Berne, Isobell Campbell, Fat White Family, Bad Plus, Lia Ices, Natalie Merchant, Murder By Death and Elvis Perkins to name just a few.


Ultraam is:

Matthew Cullen : Guitar / Sean "Grasshopper" Mackowiak : Guitar / D. James Goodwin : Analog Synths & Saxophone / Eli Walker II : Bass / Chris Turco : Drums / Jeff Mercel : Drums / Mark Ferraro : Pocket Trumpet







psychedelic warfare part 1

08.21.2015 / Filmed & Recorded Live at BSP Kingston, NY


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